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Ballet Training Pays Off

September 26, 2012

Season 9 of the FOX show, So You think You Can Dance, ended last week so I won’t get my weekly dose of dance viewing. I’m not a big fan of reality TV, but enjoy watching the dance segments of the show. And the dancing this season was fabulous! It was exciting to see that the public selected the two best dancers, Eliana and Cheon, instead of picking the most popular.

Both of the winners had ballet training and performed a classical ballet number the week before the final show.  Ballet numbers are not usually included in the competition because it is too difficult for a dancer to perform ballet if they have not studied that style of dance for many years.  Yet, with a ballet background, the two ballet dancers were able to perform beautifully in most of other genres of dance.

I hope that this will show young dancers how important it is to have a ballet foundation. Ballet carries over to other forms of dance and to everyday life


Loving Every Minute!

September 9, 2012

Albany Dance & Fitness logoWow! The first year of owning a dance studio went quickly! But I can understand why it did.  In addition to offering a variety of dance and fitness classes we also held the following events:

  • Two afternoons of free sampler classes (A Taste of Dance and Get Fit 2012)
  • Official Grand Opening
  • Two Balletone Instructor Workshops
  • Three Ballet Master Classes with NYC Ballet dancer Andrew Scordato
  • Several Balletone workshops offered through Capital District Physician’s Health Plan
  • Broadway Jazz performing opportunity

The second year has already started ad we’ve added more classes including Jazz Funk and Modern Dance. And we already have the following events on the calendar:

We’re also hoping to hold different types of master classes this year. Plans are also in progress for a performing opportunity in a local production of the Nutcracker.

I’m having fun offering all these special classes and workshops, but what I really love is teaching. I’ve had the chance to work with many wonderful students. It brings me great joy to see them improve over time and to know that they are having fun.

I’m ready for the second year!