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Vocal Exercises for Dance & Fitness Instructors?

February 2, 2011

I never pictured a dance/fitness instructor doing vocal exercises. That’s for singers isn’t it? Well, in a fun, interactive workshop led by Cameron Chinatti, I learned how important it is for dance/fitness instructors to take care of their vocal health.

Dance/fitness instructors are using their voices throughout class. And to top it off, music is blasting and the instructors are exerting energy to do the movement combinations. Instructors are giving their vocal chords a work-out at the same time as they exercise the body! So, it makes sense that the vocal chords should be warmed up. It’s funny that we never think twice about warming up the body in every dance or fitness class, but seldom look at the vocal chords as a part of the body that needs to be warmed up.

Cameron provided us with some vocal exercises. I’ll be honest, it was fun doing the vocal exercises with the group, but it’s hard to get myself motivated to do them on my own (kind of like group exercise classes vs. working out at home on your own).

The one thing that I am going to follow up on is purchasing a portable microphone to use when teaching classes. That will help prevent the strain of trying to communicate over loud music. I will also try to do the vocal warm-ups at least on the days that I teach Ballet and Balletone.

 If anyone has suggestions for a good, inexpensive portable microphone, let me know.