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Tips for Tying Pointe Shoe Ribbons

January 6, 2011

There are many different ways to tie pointe shoes. I’m not sure if the ‘one ribbon at a time” or ‘both together’ is the best method. I do know that the following tips should be followed:

  • Ribbons must be tight enough to hold shoe on and provide support.
  • Ribbons must also be tied tight enough so that there is no gap when the dancer is on flat.
  • Tie the knot right in back of the ankle bone, but not all the way in back of the foot.
  • Ribbons must be tucked in securely, so that they do not hang out.
  • Tie ribbons as close to the ankle as possible. They should not go high up on the leg.
  • Use elastics on the back of the shoe to help keep the shoe on the foot.


Here are links to two excellent videos that show you how to properly tie the pointe shoe ribbons:

Lisa Howell, who has an excellent book and blog on pointe shoe training has a video about tying pointe shoes at

The Aneheim Ballet also has a good video that show two different methods for tying point shoes at It also includes some other pointers.

Let me know if these tips helped. And I’m also curious about which method you use to tie your pointe shoes.