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Inspired by Balletone Class

April 29, 2009

After taking a Balletone class in Boston that was taught by Kathleen Riley, Principal Master Balletone Ambassador, I have some new ideas for my  Balletone classes.In addition, the class helped me remember some exercises that we haven’t done in class in a while. I can’t wait to teach Balletone tomorrow night!


What a Surprise – Harvard Ballet Company

April 26, 2009

When I think of Harvard, I think of law, business, or wicked smart students. Ballet doesn’t come to mind. However, I had the opportunity to watch a performance of the Harvard Ballet Company and was pleasantly surprised at the caliber of dance.

They performed a variety of pieces — modern, jazz, and modern ballet. The dancers were very strong when it came to pointe work and they were beautiful dancers.

The Harvard Ballet Company is a student run organization that performs classical and contemporary ballet. They hold classes taught by Boston Ballet faculty and also bring in guest artists.

I’m happy that  I had the chance to see this group perform.

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