Entry for January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Balletone has lauched the new website at www.balletone.com and with it an expanded program.  I’ve already re-tested and have been listed under Instructor Locator as a Master Balletone Ambassador (MBA)! I’m excited about the new programs and am thinking about completing the training in some of the other formats.

I’ve been teaching Balletone for almost two years and have found that it is a great supplement to dance training. In addition it’s a wonderful fitness class for those that have no dance training. It’s a well-rounded class that incorporates cardio, dance, Pilates, Yoga and stretching. I believe that all of my students have benefitted from the classes.  I have seen improvements in balance, flexibility, and endurance.

If you’ve never tried a Balletone class, you should try one of my classes. (If you’re a new student to Balletone, bring a printout of this blog entry to one of my classes and you’ll get a FREE class.) If you’d rather workout in your own home or are looking for an additional workout when there isn’t a class, there are a number of DVDs available.

Balletone has something for everyBODY!


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