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Entry for October 17, 2007

October 17, 2007

Thank you to all my students who attended the “photo shoot” classes on Sunday. It was a blast! Hopefully everyone got a good workout while having fun.  I know I did.

Also, a special thank you goes to my husband for taking so many wonderful photos. I know that it was hard work.

I’m in the process of going through the photos to pick out the ones for the website. It’s going to be tough to decide, though.  I’ll just have to keep rotating the photos.

The above photo was taken at the end of the session (one person is missing). What a group! We’ll have to do this again sometime…..


Entry for October 1, 2007

October 1, 2007

The traditional ballet class includes grande plies at the beginning of class, even though they are not a good thing to do before being warmed up.  There is a lot of strain on the knees for all grande plies except in second position.

I’ve heard this at the three NYC Ballet annual wellness workshops that I’ve attended. As soon as I learned this, I stopped including grande plies (except in second position) in the first combination at the barre.

The other night I read an article in Fitness Magazine about moves to avoid when exercising. Plie squats were listed. The reason stated is that any knee bend that forces your knees to go past your toes, excessively stretches ligaments around the knee and could tear cartilage!

Looks like we need to break tradition.